The Ministry of Culture and Banco do Brasil present the 8th edition of the Circuit of Fashion and Art programming that takes place in parallel and with the support of São Paulo Fashion Week.

The Fashion Cinema Show brings a selection of fiction films and documentaries that depict cinema costumes from different eras. Among the first, La Dolce Vita (by Federico Fellini), Juventud Transviada (with James Dean), Entre la Loura and Morena (starring Carmem Miranda) and two films inspired by the life of fashion designer Coco Chanel. Among the documentaries are Sneakers – Entering Alone in Urban Culture (which depicts how tennis became a symbol of youth culture), Top Models – A Brazilian Fairy Tale (by Ricardo Luiz, on the trajectory of 24 Brazilian top models that Stood out on the catwalks of São Paulo Fashion Week and in the parades of Paris, London, Milan and New York.

Each session is preceded by a video that discusses the selection of films of the show, as well as curiosities and fashion tips related to the films. They also complete the show 4 lectures on the culture of fashion in different facets With the 8th edition of the Fashion and Art Circuit, the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center contributes to the understanding of current issues of our culture, and to the formation of an audience attentive to them.

Banco do Brasil Cultural Center

Through the cinema and the female figure, fashion dictated trends, pointed to a new behavior and served as a strong instrument of transformation of society worldwide. In this context, this talk will unveil women and their fashions that have made history on the big screen, as well as curiosities involving the Hollywood jet set, through figures such as Carmem Miranda, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe

Through the hands of Sylvia Braune, the Plus Size fashion theme was placed on the agenda of our fashion culture. Promising to shake the week of the SPFW ballad, this debate reveals to the general public the processes that involve the career of the G + size model, involving the selection of models, professional courses, daily life and many curiosities. The speaker also talks about the MODA PARA TODOS movement, which promotes actions that aim to include models with measures above 42 on the traditional catwalks.

A great success of the last edition of the Circuit of Fashion and Art and realized in partnership with the OAB-SP, the Fashion Law project approaches the contemporary relations of the right of the fashion. The proposal aims to broaden the debate and bring the actors closer to these two segments, with the aim of stimulating the creation of specific legislation for fashion, copyright and the creative economy through this meeting that brings together the main names of the law and the creative industry Of fashion.

With the same title as the book written by the charismatic speaker, this action is the result of historical research that reveals all the evolution of the main raw material of the dress, from the primitives made manually of branches and leaves, to the most advanced methods Of weaving. The speaker also talks about natural fibers, the clever threads of technological fabrics, the first techniques of dyeing and the modern forms of coloring, including the vignettes in the past centuries and the trends exhibited by contemporary stylists. Beautiful images collected by Dinah conclude this talk, which contemplates the participation of the public

Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) is an egocentric supermodel in crisis, having recently lost the No. 1 position in the standings for his rival Hansel (Owen Wilson). Depressed, he seeks help from Jacobin Mugatu (Will Ferrell), his pope in the fashion world, who has other plans for Zoolander. Along with a false CIA agent, Mugatu brainwash Zoolander to turn him into a cold, dumb killer at his disposal. Mugatu’s plan is to send Zoolander to assassinate the Malaysian president during his visit to New York because, with him dead, Mugatu will be able to exploit child labor in the country, which will result in lower costs for his clothing making. Until Time Magazine journalist Matilda Jeffries (Christine Taylor) mistrusts Mugatu’s plans and decides to stop Zoolander from completing his mission.

The documentary, 2008 by the filmmaker Edson Soares, portrays the passion and culture that involves tennis. In just over 45 minutes, the film reveals how footwear has become a symbol of young culture, object of desire and even support for art, revealing the universe of these footwear fans, called Sneakersheads

The great masterpiece of Federico Fellini and also one of the greatest films in the history of cinema, the film is set in Rome in the early 60’s. The journalist Marcello (Marcello Mastroianni) lives among the celebrities, rich and photographers who fill the Via Veneto. In this world marked by appearances and an existential void, he attends parties, knows the most extravagant types and discovers a new meaning for life.

After stealing a car in Marseille, Michel Poiccard (Jean-Paul Belmondo) heads to Paris. On the way he kills a police officer, who tried to arrest him for speeding, and in Paris he persuades the reluctant Patricia Franchisi (Jean Seberg), an American student with whom he became involved, to hide him until he receives the money owed to him. Michel promises to Patricia that they will go together to Italy, however Michel’s crime is in the newspapers and now there is no option. He is hiding in Patricia’s apartment, where they talk, they date, he talks about death and she says she wants to get pregnant with him. He loses consciousness of the situation in which he finds himself and walks around the city committing small offenses, but when he is seen by an informant the end of his tragic persecution begins.

Peter Warren (Clark Gable), an unemployed journalist, finds Ellie (Claudette Colbert), who escaped from his country’s yacht, the millionaire Alexander Andrews (Walter Connolly), as this does not approve of who she chose as her husband. Peter sees the opportunity to get a good story, but several facts create a strong rapprochement between them

Luxury Doll (Blake Edwards, USA, Romantic Comedy, 1:55, 1961, 14, Paramount, DVD)
Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) is a New York City girl who is determined to marry a millionaire. Lost between innocence, ambition and futility, she takes her breakfasts in front of the famous Tiffany`s jewelry store, in an attempt to get away from the problems. His plans change when he meets Paul Varjak (George Peppard), a young writer based on the lover who becomes his neighbor, with whom he engages. Despite her interest in Paul, Holly is reluctant to indulge in a love that runs counter to her goals of becoming rich.