The project Ropa de Domingo was born with the proposal to promote a meeting between the visual arts and fashion, based on the poetics of the theme “Sunday Clothing”, presenting works in various supports, techniques, materials and dimensions.

For the 10th edition, Matheus Chiaratti and the Colectivo Rapadura conceived works from the photograph. There are 12 young photographers, aged between 23 and 31 years, who, far from the rules of traditional photography, present a union of different genres and photographic themes: the documentary, the conceptual, the everyday, the urban and the intimate.

The collective is, finally, a union of sensitive and particular glances, in order to note the day-to-day and the banality of our lives in powerful and self-reflective images. The group has already released three zines, The Foam of Days (2012, Casa Fibra – ARG), Silêncio Nosso

Participating artists | Company Rapadura
Allan F., Ana Lobo, Clara Canepa, Denis Fujito, Denise Matsumoto, Fernando Nogari, Flávio Seixlack, Iamana, Manuela Costalima, Matheus Chiaratti, Paula Muniz and Silvino Mendonça

Simultaneously the opening of the exhibition takes place the debate “Sunday clothes – poetry and aesthetics”, with the plastic artist Danilo Blanco and members of the exhibition. The Poetry Library is transformed into a fashion studio, equipped with Singer sewing machines and various supplies. A fashion professional will guide each workshop participant to customize and rebuild their jeans, which will take home a “new” piece. To participate simply bring a pair of jeans that would be discarded.

Literary production in fashion in Brazil is the theme of this action, which will address national publications of relevance, through the history of fashion, creative process and behavior. With Maria Cláudia Bonadio, professor at the Federal University of Juiz de Fora and vice-president of the Colloquium of Fashion and Denise Polllini, FAAP fashion professor and director of the educational department of MAB – Brazilian Art Museum.
Inaugurated on November 26, 1953, it was the 2nd circulating library created in São Paulo, in a very populous nucleus with many schools. On June 14, 2008 he inaugurated his thematic collection in Cinema, since it had already become a meeting point for cinéfilos of the city, with the traditional session on Saturdays of Cineclube Ipiranga.
Fashion Shows

The show features films nominated by big names in culture and fashion, bringing together titles from different genres, countries and periods, with free admission. The Mostra’s proposal is to reveal through the eyes of each “curator” the synergy between the 7th art and the fashion universe.
Fashion and Cinema

The importance of the costumes in the construction of the narrative of a film is the theme of this action, which aims to promote a broad debate focused on fashion, based on classic titles of the world cinema, with emphasis on the films that make up the “Mostra Cinema Fashion “.
With Luciano Ramos, critic of cinema, professor of FAAP and presenter of USP radio and Fernando Zelman, curator and cultural producer

The CCBB is a partner of the 7th edition of the Fashion and Art Circuit, an exclusive and exclusive program that takes place in parallel to the International Fashion Week, with the support of SPFW – São Paulo Fashion Week and Editora Senac.

The Circuit brings together, in its actions, important names of contemporary culture in order to broaden access and reflection on the culture of fashion, recognized by the combination of industry and cultural expression.

The CCBB São Paulo receives two exhibitions and a series of debates this year. The exhibition “Home”, with unpublished works by the artist and designer João Pimenta, calls into question the changes that occur in contemporary fashion. Tailoring – Art, Manufacture and Industry presents the art of tailoring with an emphasis on the history of Brazilian clothing. The debates bring into discussion the relationships and interactions between fashion and cultural institutions, as well as the connections between fashion and art.

In completing the partnership with the Fashion and Art VII Circuit, the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center once again reinforces its vocation to contribute to the discussion of the contemporary issues of our culture, as well as to the formation of a public attuned to them | Banco do Brasil Cultural Center