3rd Edition of the Circuit of Fashion and Art shakes São Paulo with free multiprogramming

This weekend, the 3rd edition of the Fashion and Art Circuit, designed by Danilo Blanco and Fernando Zelman, from the Central Gallery, with institutional support from São Paulo Fashion Week (SPFW), will stir the city with a series of varied activities And free to the public. The cultural marathon officially begins on January 15, with events at the French Alliance (Brooklin, Jardins-Trianon and Centro) and Casa das Rosas, and will continue until February 20 with activities at the Cultural Reserve and Cultural Center Banco do Banco do Monte Brazil.

The objective of the Circuit is to promote democratic access to the fashion culture, through activities open to the population. The event is sponsored by Banco do Brasil, Aliança Francesa and Rhodia, as well as the support of the Rouanet Law, which encourages culture.

The French Alliance of Brooklin opens the multiprogramming of the cycle with the collective exhibition Cinema Desenhado, composed of drawings and graphic illustrations, inspired by the films of the Mostra Cinema de Moda of the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, signed by 25 well-known artists, among them Guilherme de Faria, Spacca, Flávio Del Carlo and Cristina Campana.

In the Jardins-Trianon unit, the highlight is the exhibition “La Sape”, by the Congolese photographer, Baudouin Mouanda. In his photos, Mouanda, considered one of the most renowned African photographers of the new generation, portrays the daily life and irreverent elegance of sapeurs, a term used to describe African dandies, which have been exhibited for more than 25 years on the poor streets of Brazzaville, Congo, and several African neighborhoods in Paris and London

The French Alliance of the Center will promote the Fashion Cinema Show with screenings of the films “The Clan of the Flying Daggers” and “The Last Metrô”. Complementing the exhibits, Cláudio Rocha, from Tupigrafia magazine will promote a practical workshop, aimed at printing types on shirts brought by participants. Featured by the House of the Creators, the designer Mário Francisco, from the fashion designer of the masculine Dermetropol, closes the programming of the unit with the lecture on creative process of contemporary fashion.

Casa das Rosas presents the 9th edition of the traveling show “Sunday clothes”. The exhibition gathers photographs, paintings, illustrations and other works in the visual arts, with the theme of poetry and prose, from renowned artists such as Cláudio Rocha, typographer and editor of Tupigrafia magazine, advertising magician Imoberdorf, poetess Paula Valéria de Andrade; Graphic designer of the Circuit, Monica Jackson, among others.

The Cinema Reserva Cultural promises to liven up Sunday mornings with movie sessions accompanied by French breakfast and a round table on fashion and art. On December 16, the exhibition “Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky” and a roundtable “Circuito de Moda e Arte” (“Fashion and Art Circuit”) will be staged with the participation of distinguished guests such as Antonio Carlos Sartini (director of the Portuguese Language Museum) Cultural Bank of Brazil, Cecira Armitano (museologist and independent curator in contemporary art) and Maurice Nahory (general director of the Alliance Française)

Another highlight of the cinema is the exhibition “Passage”, by the photographer Drago, with ten images of daily life and the behavior of the av. Paulista, postcard from São Paulo. The screening of the film “Brightness of a Passion” (2/20/02) and a round table about Brazilian contemporary fashion with a surprise guest finish programming with a golden key.

From the 18th, the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center (CCBB) presents the Mostra Cinema de Moda with exhibitions of 30 films selected by big names in the fashion world, such as stylists Reinaldo Lourenço and Dudu Bertoline, journalist César Giobbi, the consultant Carlos Ferreirinha, among others. On the day of the anniversary of São Paulo, there will be a lecture “History of Fashion in the City of São Paulo”, with historian João Braga. And on the 28th, the “Mares never dantes navegados” fashion show, directed by Jô Souza (fashion production teacher of Faculdade Belas Artes) promises to stop the center with costumes inspired by the poems of Camões and Fernando Pessoa, created by new designers